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Why Use Us For Website Development?

Really that is a very good question to ask and one I hope we can answer well within this one page.

When developing our own business model we certainly looked at other companies both in our own industry of online marketing and other related technical service areas. So we do not come here professing to be the biggest, the richest or even the most knowledgeable about everything, but what we are is honest, realistic and straight to the point.

In web development there is a lot of competition out there, some here locally in the Atlanta area and some across the far reaches of the USA and certainly beyond. In our eyes no matter where the client or potential client is, they are treated the same. When treated with respect, responsiveness and always with a level of service that goes beyond the clients expectations, we can be relied upon by our clients. This is why we are in business today and doing well.

So here are the main reasons you should partner with Georgia Down Under for your next, first or maybe your only website or any other online marketing project you may have.

  • We are real and we meet face to face . We believe that personal contact is as important in this business as any other and we are prepared to meet with you, get to know you and your business. This contact also allows us to learn about your goals as well as laying a foundation for a long term relationship. Isn't that what we both want?
  • We understand all businesses have different needs. As web developers and consumers ourselves we have come to understand that not all projects will ever be the same, nor the potential customer of the client or even the client themselves be the same. Being able to talk to all walks of life, we see as one of our greatest assets that comes from many years of being on the front-line of customer service enquiries as well as dealing with all levels of management.
  • We develop with Open Source Software. As a business owner you would know there is often in any given day, many forks in the road. As web developers we have made a conscious decision to use and support Open Source Software. What that means to the client basically is a final product that is a fraction in cost to high-end commercial applications and supported by thousands of developers around the world. We believe Open Source Software is akin to raising children, there is trial, there is error but in the end the payoffs are wonderful. We specialize in Content Management Systems that are open source, we live it, breathe it and swear by it.!
  • We are here for the long haul. We have chosen our business model for a reason, it is sustainable and will grow with us. Too many companies in our area lose sight of the fact of where they come from. We understand we came from humble beginnings but wish to ensure we mature without outgrowing what our main purpose is, supplying great websites and online solutions to our valued clients.
  • We are willing to listen and learn. As mentioned earlier we do not profess to know it all. We are still at an exciting time in online marketing, websites like facebook and twitter can attest to that. What we do promise is we are open minded, always looking at new developments and technologies and ready to strategize and think outside of the box. After all it 'aint' the 90s anymore (It isn't even the 00s either)

So there you have it. If we have told our story well then hopefully you will be giving us a call or using our contact page to drop us line. If not that's ok, there are many talented developers out there in the marketplace. Thanks for stopping by.

Wayne Kraska
Georgia Down Under Website Development & Design