Terms of Use

Terms of Use & Billing

Terms of Use & Billing

Yearly recurring invoices for Premium Hosting and all other related services invoiced are due upon receipt of the invoice (eg 7 days). Invoices that go beyond 30 days from receipt of invoice will incur an automatic 8% surcharge. Clients that 45 days past due on any invoice risk reduction, partially or fully of services. At 60 days past due a further 7% surcharge is levied on late invoices and all active services will be suspended, this includes, website hosting, email accounts and any management, active updating or editing of a website until the invoice plus late payment fees are paid and cleared by our financial institution.

Monthly Recurring Payments:
Recurring payments for hosting that are currently received (no longer offered) are charged through our selected automated merchant provider. A failed transaction due to insufficient funds must be rectified within 14 days. After 14 days contact will be made and if a satisfactory arrangement is not made at that time, services will be immediately suspended to website hosting, email accounts and activity managed by us.

Email Accounts:
We no longer offer email services on our servers for new clients. Clients with current email accounts are responsible for monitoring such email accounts and using them in a fair, legal and acceptable manner. Abuse through using an email or website account for what we consider inappropriate activity will mean immediate suspension of all services and activity. We also no longer configure email forwarding for any reason.

Website Hosting:
We will do everything in our capabilities to maintain your website in an active state. This will included updating the platform it runs on, disk space and resources. We do not refund monthly or yearly hosting fees for down time caused by circumstances out of our control, eg by hackers or malicious activity.

Where a client cancels a hosting renewal by either verbal or written notice, hosting fees of $29.95 per month will be payable in advance of the original renewal date, and will continue to accrue monthly until such time that the web service is redirected away from Georgia Down Under Website Developments services.



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