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We provide these prices so maybe you can try and make some comparisons. We know it is difficult as very few will allow you to do an 'Apples v Apples' test.

What is important though, if a web developer, designer or agency wont give you a clear idea of how much things will cost, then they probably want to see how big a company you are representing or what sort of car you drive first. Sad I know, but it is the truth too often.

So below you will find the base prices for our three main services. Will they be higher?, possibly. Can they be lower?, yes, even that is possible.

The important thing is you are 100% confident you are happy with any services you are buying. Trust your gut, it is 99% right most of the time.

The Not So Fine Print

We will endeavor to fully explain any additional charges you may incur. The prices above as mentioned are a guide, a solid guide, but no two projects are the same and some flexibility is expected.

So next you will see the two main additional but standard charges you may incur from the get-go.

We'll meet though and discuss all options at your convenience and preferred location.

Have any questions? Please just ask.

Website Hosting

We here at Georgia Down Under only develop websites that are hosted by us. This is for several reasons, but mainly it is so we are able to fully manage the environment eg. the server, required.

New websites yearly hosting is $250 for the first year and $325 every year after. These costs are in advance.

The discount for the first year is because we might take a few weeks to get you up and running before we go live.

Domain Names

Every website needs a registered domain name obviously. We often should consult with you before you purcahse one, as mistakes can be made.

We are happy to purchase a domain for you for a $25 a year fee and we will ensure that it is renewed automatically, so you never have to worry about it expiring, which is a common reason websites go down.

We also offer discounted rates for multiple year registrations, which is an option we highly recommend.


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